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South Western Vehicle Auctions Ltd (SWVA) is one of the best car auction venues in the Southern UK. It does not matter if you are a fellow motor trade professional or a private motorist looking for a good deal, here you will find a really good choice. You will discover that this is one of the easiest ways to buy a quality vehicle at a very competitive price and, as you probably already realise, cars at UK car auctions can be bought at significantly lower prices than those in a car showroom.

All sales staff at South Western Vehicle Auctions are experienced in vehicle operations and you can be guaranteed of the best advice. This family-run business was established back in 1971 with two of the original directors still in charge today, and the third director having been with the firm for over 25 years. They operate a very ‘hands on’ business approach and are proud of their long history and reputation of helping and advising their customers on buying and selling motor vehicles.

You can find the auction site itself in the centre of Poole, occupying a substantial 2.5-acre site that has a 36,000 – sq. ft building, half of which is used to garage the cars.

Apart from car auctions, SWVA also operates specialist auctions of classic & collectors’ cars, motorcycles and automobilia.

Buying With Confidence

As a customer, you are protected and indemnified against any vehicle you buy at SWVA being stolen property or being subject to outstanding hire purchase payment. SWVA is a member of the Society of Motor Auctions whose strict Code of Practice exists to protect their customers.

Do not worry about the bidding either. The friendly and experienced auctioneers at South Western Vehicle Auctions know how daunting it can be if you are a first-time bidder. Simply signal to the auctioneer with a hand or a nod and it is highly unlikely that he will misunderstand you. So you need not worry about being misunderstood!

Selling Made Easy

Simply contact South Western Vehicle Auctions and they will give you all the advice that you need. This includes an absolutely free valuation of your vehicle. All you have to do is go to their UK Car Auction website using this link and complete the form to receive your free valuation. Once they have received your request, you will be sent the valuation within 24 hours, (although if you apply at weekends, your valuation will be sent on the following Monday).

The amount you receive for a vehicle that you sell at SWVA will usually reflect accurately its market value. This amount may be slightly more or slightly less than you anticipate, but it is unlikely to differ greatly from your estimate.

However, to safeguard against receiving too little for your vehicle, (providing it is a car not more than ten years old or a motorbike or van not more than seven years old), you may set a reserve price on it. If you are happy with the valuation and wish to proceed with selling your vehicle, the team at SWVA will advise you on how to set a reserve. In the unlikely event of the bidding not reaching your reserve, you keep the vehicle.

Top Results

Over the years, UK car auctions have become one of the best ways to sell and buy vehicles. If you lack confidence or are a bit uncertain, why not just attend the auction as a visitor? Have a look around, see how things are done. Remember that the staff at South Western Vehicle Auctions are used to new customers. The auctions here have being going since the 1970s, with plenty of satisfied customers. You can feel free to ask them for some helpful tips, knowing that you will be receiving their best advice. To find out more about SWVA visit them now on their main car auction UK website.

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